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RapidReach has many different applications in different industries:

Emergency Management/Preparedness and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

RapidReach is the automated notification solution for Emergency Management and Prepardedness.

In Emergency Management RapidReach allows you to:

  • man emergency control centers
  • call in key personnel and emergency response teams
  • inform corporate management
  • report to external organizations
  • inform customers and suppliers
  • warn neighbors in surrounding areas
  • update the media

Benefit by using RapidReach for Emergency Management:

  • Speed the communication process significantly
  • Speed the response
  • Focus operators on the next task
  • Reduce accidental errors at critical times
  • Ensure that everyone gets a consistent timely message

RapidReach is also the automated notification solution for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. After a crisis RapidReach helps you resume normal business as quickly as possible!

In Business Continuity RapidReach allows you to:

  • sustain production processes
  • call in key personnel and business continuity teams
  • inform corporate management
  • inform external organizations
  • start an operation in a "hot site" location

Benefits by using RapidReach for Business Continuity:

  • The communication process is speeded up significantly.
  • People will respond more quickly.
  • All personnel get the intended information.
  • Operators can focus on other urgent tasks.
  • Problems related to the human factor are reduced.
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The strictly regulated nuclear industry has tough requirements on timely and accurate notifications. RapidReach meets those requirements. Installed at a number of nuclear power stations in Sweden and the UK, RapidReach has helped improve the notification procedures and reduce the time it takes to contact an Emergency Organization. Staffing an Emergency Control Center and alerting key personnel are the main applications. Notifying authorities and media by phone or fax is another important role for RapidReach in this industry.

While primarily used for drills and exercises, users usually soon discover other, less dramatic but still critical, tasks for RapidReach. As simple as searching for a couple of electricians or chemists for a minor problem, or convening or cancelling a meeting - RapidReach makes those communications quicker and more efficient also.

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Chemical industry

The chemical industry must also be well prepared for various emergencies involving hazards to staff or to the public. Leaks or spills of toxic substances, oil spills, etc. require immediate action from a large number of people. RapidReach is used to call out an instant response team, duty staff or relevant specialists to manage the incident. Another use is to alert nearby residents with emergency instructions, such as evacuation orders or "Shelter-in-place" messages. Authorities and media can also be notified with RapidReach.

Not only emergency communications, but many everyday, more routine, communications can be trusted to RapidReach. In daily operations, each minute a machine is down means loss of productivity. The quicker you can reach the relevant people to manage the problem, the quicker you're back in business. Our customers in the chemical industry use RapidReach both for emergency and routine communications.

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RapidReach can be used in a number of ways in places such as army bases and air force bases. RapidReach simplifies administration and allows you to quickly call in military units and emergency staff when the situation demands it.

In the military RapidReach allows you to:

  • build and maintain personnel databases
  • verify unit readiness
  • monitor and control all call out activities in a secure system
  • conduct unit recalls and base wide announcements
  • maintain a starting platform for a "chain of command"
  • notify officers and support personnel about emergency situations
  • keep officers and staff updated on resent developments
  • inform external organizations and authorities about incidents
  • control who accesses the system, or receives messages by multiple levels of password control
  • clearly document receipt of messages and all responses

Benefits by using RapidReach in the military:

  • The communication process is significantly speeded
  • Units respond more quickly
  • Desk officers are promptly informed
  • Operations personnel can fully document and easily test all lists
  • New personnel can easily be trained to operate recalls
  • All personnel get the intended information
  • Operators can focus on other urgent tasks
  • Problems related to the human factor are reduced

With RapidReach you can prevent an incident from developing into a disaster.

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Emergency Services and Local Authorities

Fire brigades, ambulance services and police departments depend heavily on efficient and effective communications. Calling out crew, dispatching vehicles, relaying information.... RapidReach meets their needs and allows them to focus on action, rather than dialing phone numbers. Since RapidReach accepts confirmations and responses from the call recipients, the Communications Officer knows exactly who is responding to which emergency. The logging capabilities of RapidReach are essential - who got what call when? It's all in the reports.

A telephone notification system is a tool among others when it comes to warning residents and alerting the public - the responsibility of the local authority. Where sirens can't be heard, where TV's and radios are turned off, where police vehicles can't travel effectively - the phone can always ring! Not only to warn and give instructions (i.e. evacuation or "shelter-in-place" orders) but also to give updates on an incident, and advise when the coast is clear again.

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Urgent communications abound in a hospital. Many of them can be automated, most notably staffing of different units. Need three heart surgeons, two anesthesiologists, three intensive care nurses and a trauma specialist in a jiffy? It's a breeze for RapidReach to search for them, relay a message and take their responses. RapidReach will run through lists of people that can fill the positions. It will search at different numbers, call alternates if the first contact is not available, and stop calling when it has the required amount of people qualified and available for the positions. With the built-in schedule feature, it will even search for people based on a given duty schedule.

Emergency wards, mobile intensive care units, and other departments can all benefit from quicker and more efficient communications.

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Winter Road Maintenance

This was the original application for RapidReach and remains an important one. Departments of transportation in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and the US are reaping the benefits of automating their call-outs with RapidReach. They use RapidReach whenever snowstorms are expected, to call out and dispatch crew. Assigning this task to RapidReach relieves supervisors and foremen from the work and ensures that the crews get out on the streets sooner, thereby contributing to an increase in service quality and/or a cost reduction. By getting crews on the street quicker, an area can be serviced in shorter time with the same amount of vehicles. Or, if you select to service the area in the same amount of time as before, you can do it with one or several vehicles less. With the cost of a snow plow these days, that's a substantial savings!

In addition to RapidReach, we offer a suite of software products for Winter Road Maintenance. The applications can be used separately or together, within our WRMS (Winter Road Maintenance System) concept.

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Leading helpdesk services take a proactive role in serving their clients. "Server so and so is down. Expected to resume at xxxx hours." Using RapidReach to call their clients improves the service level and informs people quicker. It also cuts down on the incoming "What's going on?" calls. Being able to notify different groups, affected by different problems, with only a few mouse clicks, is a dramatic improvement to the manual calling of yesteryear.

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Financial Services

When billions of transactions take place in a day, it is critical to have well functioning systems and procedures, including emergency plans, backup sites, and Disaster Recovery plans. RapidReach is will suited to supplement any DR or Business Resumption plan, and handles the most important aspect of the plan. Without an effective, fast and reliable way of notifying your Disaster Recovery Team or Emergency Response team, who is going to implement your plan? Manual call trees and simple paging systems are not enough in todays complex environments. With a traditional call tree, all it takes is one missing link and the whole notification process will fail.

Auditors love the detailed logging capabilities of RapidReach. Every call is registered, providing a legal audit trail. Who was contacted when, at which phone number was he reached, and what did he respond?

Call your staff and tell them to come to work (when something has happened). Call your staff and tell them not to come to work (when something else has happened). Call authorities, media, customers, vendors - and tell them what has happened. Many different communication needs can be met by RapidReach.

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In the retail industry there are several areas where an automated notification system is an efficient communications tool. In a mall or shopping center, retailers can be warned or advised of any unusual activities (i.e. shoplifters, burglars). One store can call all other stores in an area to check stocks and product availability. You can call all your stores or dealers with information, such as price changes, promotions, etc. Product recall is another important application. Whenever you quickly need to contact stores, dealers or resellers, you can trust the work to RapidReach.

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