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System Configuration and Options, RapidReach Version 5.2

The modular design of RapidReach allows you to customize a system for your specific needs. Firstly, decide whether you want a stand-alone (RR-STD) or a network (RR-PRO) system. Both these systems include software license and hardware for 4 analog telephone lines. If you want more than 4 lines, select either RR-STD-0 or RR-PRO-0. These versions come without phone cards. Then add the optional capacity phone card(s) you desire. RapidReach supports up to 480 lines per server. If you want to run the system in your network, you can add any extra user clients you want, in 1-user increments (RR-1USL). After you have decided what kind of system you need, you add any of the system options below for additional functionality.

This option provides additional four line capacity which may be configured for phone or fax or both. When configured for fax this option allows transmission of text and graphic messages to fax machines. Fax messages can be either brief text messages (same as for alpha paging), complete text files or graphic files from other applications. This is useful for faxing for example press releases, forms to authorities, info to management, etc. A text or graphic file from another application (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.) is connected to a RapidReach message. A cover page or header will be generated, naming the fax addressee and fax number. The system can be set to notify the fax recipient by telephone that a fax has been sent to him/her and ask for confirmation of receipt. Operates via separate phone/fax card (included with the module).

Alpha Paging (RR-APAG)
This option allows transmission of text messages to alphanumerical pagers. Certain cellular phones with text message capabilities are also supported (i.e. GSM telephones with SMS service). Operates via modem (not included).

E-mail (RR-EMA)
This option allows the transmission of e-mail messages, using Internet based SMTP protocol. E-mail is set up as a "Contact Category" and each individual's e-mail address is set up in his/her "phone/address book". Operates via LAN or modem (not included) for RapidReach PRO and RAS connection for RapidReach STD.

Scheduling (RR-SCH)
This option allows entry of duty rosters in either a calendar based schedule or a shift based schedule, determining the person's availability at any given time. At the time of the Call-Out, the system will intelligently determine, based on the schedule, if an individual is available as a primary or secondary or not at all. The calendar schedule is based on 24-hour periods and you can define the start of the period (i.e. 00:00, 06:00, etc.). The shift schedule allows you to define any number of shifts in a 24-hour period, their time interval and repeat cycle. It also supports deviations, replacements, etc. during user-defined time intervals. Schedules can be printed. This option is included in RapidReach Pro and is optional for RapidReach STD.

Automatic Back-up (RR-BUP)
This option allows the continual back-up of data during operations from a working directory of RapidReach to another location. Database files are after a configurable delay copied automatically to a specified backup location. This is a separate application. Operates via network or modem (not included).

Fax-on-Demand (RR-FOD)
This option allows callers to the built-in information system to request documents (fax or graphic) to be faxed to a specified fax number. Operates via the same fax card as RR-LINFAX. This option requires the RR-LINFAX option.

EasyView (RR-EV or RR-EV Client Server). The user interface that simplifies scenario activation and call-out monitoring
Would you like to have an instant, real-time, graphical overview of your call-out activities? EasyView makes it possible to supervise a call-out in progress, and presents an overview of the status of a specific scenario. This greatly facilitates time critical decisions. EasyView is the user interface for people where time is a limiting factor and where simplicity is crucial. Originally EasyView was designed for control room staff at nuclear sites with a huge number of tasks to complete during an emergency. Since then the usage has grown out of control rooms and is general tool for users who easily and quickly need to activate scenarios and get an overview of the call-out result The idea of EasyView is to remove all functionality that is not necessary to start and monitor scenarios. EasyView is the opposite of "fatware". Instead of providing a lot of functionality and features, the emphasis has been on providing a user interface that is easy to learn and master. This means that EasyView doesn't include functionality to maintain personnel data, messages, scenarios and system settings. These activities should be performed with the ordinary RapidReach client.

PLC Interface (RR-PLC). Add the power of an automated call-out system to your existing security systems
Do situations occur where it would be useful to initiate call-outs from your existing process control, alarm or supervision system? This is now possible through the RapidReach PLC interface option where a system event can automatically start communication activities according to predefined scenarios. The RapidReach PLC Interface allows you to automatically initiate calls to phones, mobile phones, pagers, alpha pagers or send faxes and E-mails from your existing PLC, alarm or any other system. Critical events can automatically trigger call procedures contacting an emergency team and key personnel or inform management and external contacts. The call-out scenarios can even trigger a PLC or alarm system to initiate actions such as a shut down of processes or sirens activation. By using a standard serial communications protocol the PLC system can be interfaced to existing systems irrespective of equipment, operating system or development tools.

GeoCall (RR-GEO). Add the power of GIS to your emergency communications
When hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes, or radiation leaks and industrial accidents threaten whole neighborhoods, residents need to be notified. GeoCall can handle these geographically defined call-outs, quickly and effortlessly. You can't afford to be without it - lives depend on it! For years Enera's RapidReach call-out software has been providing both businesses and governments all over the world with a quick and easy state-of-the-art solution for contacting people. With the release of RapidReach GeoCall, our proven call-out technology can now harness the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Contacting people quickly and efficiently within a geographical location has never been easier. GIS systems allow you to associate names and numbers with points on a map. With GeoCall, our powerful technology allows you to efficiently tackle a problem that was impossible 10 years ago. One person can now call every resident in the neighborhood in a matter of minutes, and log every call.

Data Connection Platform (RR-DCP). Enables connection of third party application databases to RapidReach.
RapidReach Data Connection Platform (DCP) is an application which is used to connect RapidReach to other systems. With DCP, contact details can automatically or manually be transferred to the RapidReach database. This way, RapidReach can automatically and quickly contact people who are listed in external human resource systems, business continuity databases, or other sources.

Additional Users LAN (RR-1USL)
Add additional LAN clients. RapidReach Pro only.

Call-Out Engine (RR-COE). Add the power of an automated call-out system to your existing applications
Imagine activating a call-out using your existing software for customer management, business continuity, help desk or any other application. With the RapidReach Call-Out Engine option this is now possible. Can you afford not having a tool like this? The RapidReach Call-Out Engine is a "background" program capable of receiving detailed call-out information via a XML file from any application, performing the calls according to the instructions in the XML file and then returning the result to the requesting application. The result can be reported regularly in XML format during the call-out as well as on completion of the call-out. With the Call-Out Engine concept any application capable of creating and reading XML files can initiate simple or advanced call-outs. These call-outs can go out to individuals, positions with primary and secondary individuals or teams using phones, pagers, alpha pagers, fax and e-mail. The RapidReach Call-Out Engine will run in parallel with the ordinary RapidReach system sharing communication resources. RapidReach Pro only.

Satellite (RR-SAT). Enables several RapidReach systems to use the same communication resources
When there is a need for several distributed RapidReach systems - one solution may be to implement these systems using shared communication equipment through the RapidReach Satellite option. In a large organization different divisions of the organization sometimes have a need for a dedicated system. The RapidReach Satellite option enables all these systems to share the same communication resources, avoiding duplication of equipment and communication lines. RapidReach Satellite is especially suitable when slow network performance makes it difficult to use one RapidReach networked system or when each system has individual requirements making it difficult to combine in one RapidReach system. The Satellite can be a stand alone (Standard) or a multi-user network (Professional) system sharing communication resources. RapidReach Pro only.

Internet / Intranet (RR-IBAS or RR-IPRO). Access RapidReach from a web browser
Keeping a contact database up-to-date can be hard. One solution can be to allow individuals to update, through a Browser, their own contact information. RapidReach Internet is the solution when access is crucial, independent of location. RapidReach Internet provides web access to vital communication resources. Depending on their level of access, users may access and update personnel information, lists, positions, messages, even scenarios. With RapidReach Internet Standard, through an ordinary browser - individuals can log into the system, check their contact information and edit this if necessary. System operators can start a scenario and then monitor the completion of the call-out. With RapidReach Internet Professional - scenarios, lists, positions, messages and contact information can be updated through a browser. RapidReach Internet frees you from location or time of day. You can access you RapidReach system wherever you are. RapidReach Pro only.

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