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Automated Notification

- the easy, advanced and affordable solution to your notification needs.

Quick - call Frank, tell him he has to come here right away...hurry up and call Jim, tell him ...call Jane...call an ambulance...get 3 guys from the stand-by list...call Bob...call Joe...notify the emergency team...advise management...fax the authorities...alert all the staff...fax the media list.........

No need to get stressed out. Just leave it to RapidReach! Next time there's a crisis and you need to get a hold of people quickly, just press Start and leave the rest to RapidReach.

RapidReach reaches people rapidly

RapidReach Automated Notification System turns your PC into a phone bank and makes all your calls in no-time. It will search for people at various phone, pager, email and fax numbers, relay information, prompt for response and log the result. You can make literally 100s of calls in minutes. All with a few mouse clicks and without having to speak a word. Easy, advanced, and affordable. Fast, efficient, and effective.

RapidReach is a new generation communications tool, used to quickly and efficiently contact groups of people with messages. Whenever you need to call out staff; communicate critical information; staff an emergency center; warn, alert or notify personnel, authorities, media or residents; dispatch crew; update customers.... RapidReach will do the job for you. The system has many different applications in different industries, and is used in both the private and public sector.

A 21st century communications tool you won't want to be without

A number of advanced features and a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) are key factors behind the success of RapidReach. The system will quickly become an indispensable member of any Emergency or Disaster Recovery Team. It's finding its way into new control rooms, operations centers and dispatch/communications centers every day. Its network capabilities, suited for a client-server environment in a LAN or WAN make it ideal for large organizations. True, 100% native 32-bit architecture takes full advantage of the power and performance of the Windows XP, 2000 or Windows NT operating systems.

Check it out

Take a closer look at RapidReach by downloading our demo, free from this site. See for yourself why more and more organizations choose RapidReach for their emergency communications. If you have questions after reviewing the demo, they might be answered by our FAQ page. Then, contact us, either by phone, e-mail, or by filling out the form below, to discuss your specific needs in detail.

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