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Boulder County, CO

Case Study

WinterPlan/AutoPlan: Boulder County, Colorado

When Boulder County revised their Snow and Ice Routes, they selected WinterPlan/AutoPlan to ensure that their routes would be as efficient as possible. Boulder County lies north of Denver, and the County maintains 1600 Lane miles of highway. Boulder County developed an innovative accounting system that has become a model for Winter Maintenance Operations around the country.

image1The county experiences widely varying winter conditions in a typical season because the county lies along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and extends into the high plains of central Colorado. The unusually varied geography dictates that route planning, as well as treatment, has to consider sections of the county separately. After entering existing routes, the Winter Maintenance Director, Ted Plank, concentrated his work on the northern and eastern sections of the county.

image2Of particular concern was the area around Longmont, Colorado, which has grown significantly over the past decade. After entering routes and analyzing the area covered with AutoPlan, they came up with some significant results:

“Prior to using WinterPlan we used eleven vehicles to handle primary routes in the northern section of the County around Longmont. After entering routes into AutoPlan and test driving and tweaking results, we can now cover primary routes in the same amount of time with only 8 vehicles.” – Ted Plank, Winter Maintenance Director.

A second feature of WinterPlan also has proven useful in Boulder County. Because of the detailed reporting of routes, they have been able to provide a route book for every driver that details exactly how each route should be driven. “The new drivers love it!” – Ted Plank.

Enera, the makers of WinterPlan/AutoPlan, have been working with Winter Maintenance customers to improve their efficiency since 1992. WinterPlan is one part of their Winter Road Maintenance System (WRMS), a comprehensive system for improving efficiency in Winter Road Maintenance operations through planning, operations and analysis.

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