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Call & Report is a software tool enabling the user to report, present, and follow up winter road maintenance operations and road conditions. Call&Report is part of a suite of products for winter road maintenance and can be used separately or together with other modules for planning and crew call-outs and dispatch. Call&Report provides a basis for managing and following up on your winter operations. In addition, Call & Report can be used to provide vital road information to the public

Call & Report allows you to:

  • report, log and present winter road maintenance operations
  • report, log and present road conditions
  • present jobs and road conditions graphically in a map
  • monitor operations and road conditions
  • streamline reporting and follow-up on operations
  • analyze material and time consumption for various services provided and methods used
  • document all road operations
  • print various reports on road operations

Reporting and presentation

Drivers can report data in three different ways; directly on a form in the program, via cellular phone, or automatically via GPS. The data is presented in a road net view. The user defines road net views based on coordinates and road numbers. You can view several road networks simultaneously in separate windows and the user can define which map layers are required in the background. The reported data is displayed on the screen in real-time. Several users can access the data at the same time.

Winter maintenance operations

When a vehicle starts a job, the driver reports start information such as vehicle number, driver ID, route and method. When the job is finished, completed information, such as material consumption and result, is reported. Start and stop times are registered automatically and the system calculates job completion times. If your routes have been planned with the WRMS suite of products, the reported data will be related to the plan. All data reported by the drivers can also be entered directly on a form within the program.
Reported jobs are presented in a GIS map, where users can choose which layers are required in the background. Different methods, such as plowing, salting, etc. are presented in different colors on the various road links covered by the job. Ongoing jobs are distinguished from completed jobs by the width of the links.

Road conditions

Call & Report can also be used to report road conditions. On inspection of road conditions, inspectors call in their report for a defined road condition area. A road condition area consists of a number of road links. These can be defined link by link on a map, or by road number. The data is immediately available as a decision basis for actions to be taken, or for traffic information for the public. Different road condition types, such as dry, wet, icy, or slushy, are presented in different colors. To ensure the information is current users can define a time interval for the presentation. Information outside this interval will then not be presented. Users can define in detail which road links are to be included in a road condition area.


Call & Report contains a report generator with advanced selection capabilities. Summaries of all jobs can be produced for each method (salting, plowing etc) within a specified time period. In addition, statistics, i.e. number of jobs, time consumption, material consumption, for one or several routes can also be produced. You can even produce statistical data for links along a certain route of a certain class within a specified area. Via these reports users have direct and complete control of their maintenance operations. The data can also be used as a base for invoicing.

Mobile data communication and GPS

As an alternative to reporting by calling in from a mobile phone, users can also report using a portable computer and GPS. The vehicle is automatically tracked by GPS in the road net, and the data is converted to serviced segments with information on time and material usage. The main benefit with automatic tracking is that actions can be reported even when they deviate from the planned route. Several reporting methods can be mixed in one system and some drivers can report via their mobile phone while others can report via their portable computer.


Information reported with Call&Report can be accessed with Internet/Intranet technology. Authorized users can inspect reported data and make edits from a home computer or an external office.

Call & Report major features:

  • reporting of job and road data via telephone
  • reporting of job and road data directly in the program
  • reporting of job and road data via GPS
  • storage of reported data, by road segment (link)
  • presentation of selected parts of the road network, as defined by the user
  • presentation of active routes only
  • presentation of jobs in different colors depending on method used. Ongoing and completed actions are presented differently.
  • user defined road condition types
  • user defined road condition areas
  • follow-up of actions, routes and links
  • report generation and printing

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