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WinterPlan is a software planning tool for winter road maintenance activities. The program is part of a suite of products for winter road management and can be used separately or together with modules for call-outs and dispatch of crews, job reporting by drivers in the field, and follow up. WinterPlan can make your winter operations planning more efficient and easier. Case studies show that planning your routes in WinterPlan can help you reduce vehicle needs by up to 30%!

WinterPlan allows you to:

  • plan maintenance operations for different types of actions in user defined planning areas
  • allocate resources for most efficient utilization
  • reduce costs through improved utilization of resources, whilst minimizing travel time
  • document your plans
  • analyze job completion and travel times, together with material consumption
  • calculate cost bases for winter maintenance services quotations
  • follow up operations in terms of job completion times, number of jobs and material consumption

Base concept

In order to plan winter maintenance operations, base data on the roadway network and resources is required. With the import capabilities of WinterPlan existing road data can be readily used.Planning areas are user defined and are based on the user's particular requirements and situation. These planning areas are used both for planning and follow-up. In each planning area the measures (actions) required for different types of winter scenarios are again user defined. Resource data, such as drivers, vehicles and other equipment, and material is input by the user. Road information, such as road numbers, speed limits, road classes, capacity, and other data used for planning is also entered into the database by the user.

Schematic maps

Planning is carried out using schematic maps, which provides:

  • more detail of your road network
  • better overviews of the area that needs to be serviced, based on the scope of a planned action
  • a quicker way to edit road links via ‘handles’
  • expanded overviews by ‘stretching’ the road network (as in a subway map)
  • faster planning

WinterPlan treats highway interchanges with ramps in the same way as the rest of the road network. Interchanges with ramps are distinguished from regular intersections by their size. They can be opened for planning or for modification.


Operations can be planned for different types of actions. Each action is comprised of all routes necessary to execute the particular action in a specified planning area. Typical actions are plowing, sanding and preventive salting. The user has complete control over the definition of the planned areas. Planning can be enhanced by setting up separate actions for different scenarios, i.e. low or high traffic density. Route planning is achieved by clicking on the various related links. Each route is shown in a different color of your choice. Active segments (for which actions are planned) are shown as solid lines, while travel segments (on which the vehicles travel without working) are shown as broken lines. Large intersections can be opened and planned in detail. Routes can be copied and broken up to add or remove segments. Information on the route (such as length, width, split between active and travel segments, required time and material consumption, etc.) is shown in a status window while you work on the route. The color of the link ‘handle’ reflects the class of the road. Several areas can be planned simultaneously and routes modified at the borders, so that the differences in action times are minimized.


When planning has been completed, reports, maps, and charts to present the information can be printed. Summaries of time and material consumption are shown in charts, allowing you to review and check your planning for optimized resource utilization. Plans can be double-checked for duplicated or missed links. These reports help document and present your plans. In addition to basic reports, selections can be made for detailed route reports and overviews of routes included in a particular type of action. Charts and schematic maps can also be printed.

Major features:

  • import of existing road networks
  • editing of networks
  • geographic maps
  • schematic maps
  • graphical definition of planning areas
  • overlapping planning areas
  • base data: method, action type, driver, vehicle, equipment, material with planning parameters
  • actions for different winter scenarios
  • display multiple actions based on action width
  • schematic map easily modified
  • display of key route data, such as length, action time, material use, while you plan
  • charts of action times and material usage
  • checks for missed or duplicated routes
  • detailed route reports
  • simultaneous planning of several areas 

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