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ENERA is a software company, focused on increasing efficiency in the areas of operations and emergency communication. Offices are located in Chicago, IL, Edinburgh, UK, and Gothenburg, Sweden, with major support centers in Chicago and Sweden.

Our own offices are supplemented with a marketing network that includes 20 partners in 12 countries on four continents. The partner network consists of distributors, resellers, technical partners, and strategic alliances.

ENERA’s business is to provide computer software solutions for automation of key tasks, thus increasing the efficiency of operations and communications. ENERA was founded in 1991 as a consulting firm for the transportation industry. Since then our market has grown and we are now providing solutions for a wide range of industries such as Finance, Power Generation, IT, Chemical Manufacturing, Military, Border Patrol, Ports, Education, Local Government and Health Care.

ENERA’s organization consists of people from various academic disciplines. Our development staff has completed master level work at the leading centers of computer science in the nation, and each have on average 7 years of programming experience.

Since the mid 90’s ENERA has recorded a solid growth of about 20% per year. System sales account for 75% of the income, with consulting and support contracts making up the balance.

Products and Markets
ENERA’s products are divided in two, somewhat separate but interrelated, business areas;

Our flagship product is "RapidReach" – our Automated Notification System/Service. RapidReach is a sophisticated, comprehensive and full-featured messaging system/service. Installed in control rooms, communications centers and dispatch centers in eight countries on three continents, RapidReach is helping industries and governments to automate and make their emergency communications faster, more efficient, and easier. Applications are as diverse as calling out emergency teams in the nuclear, petrochemical and chemical industries; staffing emergency rooms and mobile intensive care units in hospitals; Help desk managers notifying computer users of computer or network problems in manufacturing and service industries; assembling Disaster Recovery teams in the financial and insurance industries; calling out and manning fire brigades and emergency planning units in the public sector.

The main product in the Winter Road Management area is a geographical map-based tool for route planning, "WinterPlan". Giving the user complete control of creating and revising route plans for plowing, gridding, etc., WinterPlan typically leads to instant cost reductions through a higher degree of efficiency and better utilization of resources. Another tool, "Call&Report", allows for more efficient reporting and monitoring of all road activities and road conditions.

The sale of technically complex systems neither begins nor ends with a purchase order. ENERA's partners offer a range of pre- and post-sales services, some of which are free of charge. Pre-sales services include analyzing customer requirements, developing specifications, doing feasibility studies and creating custom solutions. Post-sales services include installation, training and often consultancy.

Services also encompass on-going sales, technical and user support. We stand fully behind our installations and offer a range of Support and Maintenance plans, which include extended warranties for all software and hardware supplied by us. Our customers are never tossed around between various vendors; we take full responsibility for all we do.

Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, and is highly regarded for quick responses to support matters as well as for their friendly and helpful attitudes. Service with a smile is an old cliche, but to us it signifies the importance we attach to our customers.

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